Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Illustrations for Idle Eye

Early last year I went out for a drink with my old chum Douglas Thorp. As he sat down at the table after bringing over our drinks, he told me that he had a vision or a dream or something ? At this point I would normally have made my excuses and left the building, but I'd hardly started my pint - and |I cant bear waste. So I allowed Douglas to talk more about The Vision, The Dream thing, he told me he wanted to gather together some of his Idle Eye blogs for publication in book form.

I kept quite, I've listened to too many of my friends dreams in the past to know it's best to just smile and nod rather than commit to anything. The Vision, the Dream was to ask some of his artist friends to illustrate a couple of blogs that he would hand pick for them, and then put it all together to make a lovely hardback book.

I told him quite firmly that I had my own Vision/ Dream thing and I couldn't waste any time on other people's projects but  then money was mentioned and I slightly reluctantly came on board. Truth to tell I'd actually forgotten what my Dream/Vision thing was anyway...

All this was at the beginning of 2015, by November Douglas had managed to force 20 artists to illustrate two articles each, bring them in on a deadline, whilst successfully raising enough cash in a Kickstarter campaign to have the book printed in hardback, then get the damn thing printed and still find time to organise a book launch at the gorgeous Vout-O-Reenee's !!

Quite an amazing achievement, and I'm very pleased to have been a part of the project. For my two illustrations Douglas gave me a story about, er well not really sure what it was about? But there were young cyclists in Lycra mentioned so that's what I concentrated on. Looking back on the finished art work I may have concentrated a little too much on that particular side of the story...

For the second illustration I was given an account of Douglas' experience of using a bathroom that had an infinity mirror - you'll just have to buy the book ! Have you ever tried to draw an infinity mirror ? Impossible, and I couldn't find any decent photographic references, ended up staging my own little scene

Had more trouble with this composition than I have had with any other drawing in ages ! Finally managed to come up with an image that almost matched my initial vision, unfortunately I really needed more time to get it right - but what ya gonna do ?