Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Anonymous Art Teacher

The Bank of England want the public to nominate which visual artist they'd like to see on the new £20 note. There's something rather galling about this. The creative arts represent 5% of the UK economy valued at £76.9bn - and yet the arts year on year face cuts to their funding.

Some schools now dont even offer the arts as a subject.  Between 2003 - 2013 there was a 50% drop in GCSE numbers for Design and Technology, 23% drop in drama and a 25% drop in craft related subjects.

Since 2010 the number of art teachers in schools has fallen by 11%.

(Information from The Guardian )

Instead of nominating a successful artist why not use this opportunity to celebrate all those art teachers who have inspired and helped all those people in the visual arts.

Go to the Bank of England's  nomination form and write The Anonymous Art Teacher

Here's the reason I gave for my nomination

;I nominate The Anonymous Art Teacher, who represents all our overlooked and under valued art teachers.

Behind every successful visual artist stands the teacher who recognized and encouraged that talent.

Funding for the visual arts is cut annually and yet the Visual Arts amount to 5% of the UK economy.

The number of art teachers in schools has fallen by 11% since 2011, what is the future of the visual arts in the UK ?

Let's use this opportunity to celebrate all art teachers.

#The AnonymousArtTeacher

Many Thanks x

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