Saturday, 28 February 2015

Not so merry Christmas cards: No 2

I knew there must have been some more Christmas cards somewhere ? Finally found a few this afternoon hiding in old portfolio. These are even more depressing than the others...

1996, I cant even remember that far back, although having said that I think there may be some things in my laundry basket from around this time that I still haven't got round to washing...

This one's rather sweet, although once again my nose is pressed up against the window. Always looking in rather than joining in

Obviously something was smelling in the state of Denmark or where ever the hell I was. Best thing about being an artist is that you can turn your crap into a pretty picture. I later turned this image into an etching entitled: Like an 18th Century Military Campaign.

Now this was the last card I produced in which I appeared. After this year I instead made a small etching and printed a small edition which I would send to my friends. I'll try and hunt them out and put them up on next Blog.