Sunday, 18 January 2015

Illustrations for A Child of the Jago

As I've already posted the art work for the cover of A Child of the Jago, I thought I'd put up the rest of the illustrations. In all there were six illustrations, including an end piece and the cover. All six pieces were hand cut onto black A3 paper.

The last few years I've been doing a lot of paper cut-outs, however, i'm still not sure what to call them ? Somehow Paper Cut-Outs just doesn't sound right. Originally this art form was known as Scherenschnitte and was founded in Germany and Switzerland in the 16th Century. Unfortunately Scherenschnitte isn't a name that trips lightly off the tongue, so I'll have to settle for Paper Cut-Outs till I can find another name.     

The public house is a  recurring  image in the poems of A Child of the Jago by Joseph Ridgwell  and I took the idea of the pub and the figure of a child waiting outside as my inspiration. For me, the pub represented all that is good about being an adult. As children we wait outside those etched Victorian windows with our bottle of pop, and wonder what happens inside. A secret world that we cant wait to belong to. The pub becomes a symbol of adulthood, and the figure of the boy waiting outside the pub represents that stage period, the transition from boyhood to manhood
Chopper Boy

This is my Vivian Myers moment

Half in, half out

I think this is my favourite


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