Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Anonymous Art Teacher #2

Whilst the Bank of England are slapping themselves on the back for coming up with the charming wheeze of having public vote for their favourite dead artist, lets have a look at what our current Minister of Education believes about the arts in Education...

                                   Pupils 'held back' by overemphasis on the Arts

Click on to link above and read how Nicky Morgan MP really feels about the arts in education. Basically if the subjects the pupils are studying aren't STEM subjects then they are wasting their time.
is she The Anonymous Art Teacher ?
Let's ignore the fact the the Arts cover a vast range of subjects, and that some kids simply enjoy the chance of being able to express themselves - the fact is The Arts are an important part of our economy, the Creative Arts Sector represents 5% of the British Economy.

If you are voting for your favourite dead artist, remember they had art teachers too. I'm nominating The Anonymous Art Teacher ( #TheAnonymousArtTeacher ) to be on the new £20 note

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Anonymous Art Teacher

The Bank of England want the public to nominate which visual artist they'd like to see on the new £20 note. There's something rather galling about this. The creative arts represent 5% of the UK economy valued at £76.9bn - and yet the arts year on year face cuts to their funding.

Some schools now dont even offer the arts as a subject.  Between 2003 - 2013 there was a 50% drop in GCSE numbers for Design and Technology, 23% drop in drama and a 25% drop in craft related subjects.

Since 2010 the number of art teachers in schools has fallen by 11%.

(Information from The Guardian )

Instead of nominating a successful artist why not use this opportunity to celebrate all those art teachers who have inspired and helped all those people in the visual arts.

Go to the Bank of England's  nomination form and write The Anonymous Art Teacher

Here's the reason I gave for my nomination

;I nominate The Anonymous Art Teacher, who represents all our overlooked and under valued art teachers.

Behind every successful visual artist stands the teacher who recognized and encouraged that talent.

Funding for the visual arts is cut annually and yet the Visual Arts amount to 5% of the UK economy.

The number of art teachers in schools has fallen by 11% since 2011, what is the future of the visual arts in the UK ?

Let's use this opportunity to celebrate all art teachers.

#The AnonymousArtTeacher

Many Thanks x

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Not so merry Christmas cards: No 2

I knew there must have been some more Christmas cards somewhere ? Finally found a few this afternoon hiding in old portfolio. These are even more depressing than the others...

1996, I cant even remember that far back, although having said that I think there may be some things in my laundry basket from around this time that I still haven't got round to washing...

This one's rather sweet, although once again my nose is pressed up against the window. Always looking in rather than joining in

Obviously something was smelling in the state of Denmark or where ever the hell I was. Best thing about being an artist is that you can turn your crap into a pretty picture. I later turned this image into an etching entitled: Like an 18th Century Military Campaign.

Now this was the last card I produced in which I appeared. After this year I instead made a small etching and printed a small edition which I would send to my friends. I'll try and hunt them out and put them up on next Blog.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Illustrations for A Child of the Jago

As I've already posted the art work for the cover of A Child of the Jago, I thought I'd put up the rest of the illustrations. In all there were six illustrations, including an end piece and the cover. All six pieces were hand cut onto black A3 paper.

The last few years I've been doing a lot of paper cut-outs, however, i'm still not sure what to call them ? Somehow Paper Cut-Outs just doesn't sound right. Originally this art form was known as Scherenschnitte and was founded in Germany and Switzerland in the 16th Century. Unfortunately Scherenschnitte isn't a name that trips lightly off the tongue, so I'll have to settle for Paper Cut-Outs till I can find another name.     

The public house is a  recurring  image in the poems of A Child of the Jago by Joseph Ridgwell  and I took the idea of the pub and the figure of a child waiting outside as my inspiration. For me, the pub represented all that is good about being an adult. As children we wait outside those etched Victorian windows with our bottle of pop, and wonder what happens inside. A secret world that we cant wait to belong to. The pub becomes a symbol of adulthood, and the figure of the boy waiting outside the pub represents that stage period, the transition from boyhood to manhood
Chopper Boy

This is my Vivian Myers moment

Half in, half out

I think this is my favourite


Monday, 12 January 2015

A Child of the Jago

The year is still young, and we're both sniffing each other out trying to see what we think we can get out of it. The one thing I do know  is that I have to start doing my own work again. The past two years I've been working full time at a print studio, and honestly I was too knackered most of the time to even think about doing my own work, but that's all going to change - startin' here - startin' now.

Having said that, the truth is I did manage to do a few projects in that time. One of them, the one I'm most proud of was being commissioned to do the art work for a book. Turns out I have a very talented cousin, Joe Ridgwell who is an incredible writer, and I was so pleased when he asked me if I'd provide some art work

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Not so Merry Christmas Cards...

Whilst tidying up my studio I came across an old folder containing a selection of Christmas Cards that I had made and sent to friends years ago.

Not exactly sure what date each card is from, but I think they were made between 1990 to 2002, after 2003 I stopped making these types of cards and instead, each year I now make a small etching which I then print up in an edition of 100 and send these instead.                                                                                    

Interesting for me to look at them now, after all this time. Have to admit I did feel my ears burning red with embarrassment. At the time I thought I was making rather lovely drawings that were a wry and sophisticated take on events that were of some importance to me at the time. Good Grief - how can it be possible to delude oneself to such an extent ?   

I look at them now and wonder how I had the nerve to post them ! They seem more like a psychological X-ray of my emotional state when really, all people really want is a nice picture of a robin.Which is what they get now !