Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Royal Academy...

Anyone else took their work down to Royal Academy to submit for Summer Exhibition? I went on Monday and it was very strange as there were no queues at all ? Last two years the queues have been round the block, I blame that BBC programme, it gave people the impression that all you had to do was turn up and they hang it on the wall for you. So what does no queue mean ? Maybe people aren't so ready to cough up the cash in a recession ? Maybe they've cottoned on that it ain't that easy to get in ?Well goody; that means more of a chance for us!

                                          what no queue ?

I quite like submitting day as you're bound to bump into lots of people you know, all carrying something smothered in bubble wrap, looking rather sheepish. I mean I know it's a lottery, but you gotta do it, anyway - fingers crossed and good luck to all those who've submitted.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Pyramid Gallery York

Last chance to see the Half Moon exhibition at the Pyramid Gallery in York - ending shortly!
Image above is 'Romulus and Remus', a monotype.